Apophysis resources



Download link

Apophysis 2.02 installer

It is strongly recommended to run this before using the latest beta, available here.

Apophysis installer

Gradient tools (Excel 2002 spreadsheet)

Splice, mirror, insert node, build from scratch... A set of useful tools.

Excel spreadsheet

PaletteMaster (Excel 2002 spreadsheet)

Convert Apophysis gradients to ChaosPro and Fractal Explorer formats.

Excel spreadsheet

Rescue from render.flame files (Excel 2002 spreadsheet)

Recover parameters you thought were lost: a method that actually works.

Excel spreadsheet

The Chaos Game (Excel 2002 spreadsheet)

A demonstration of fractal creation (the Sierpinski triangle) using the process of iteration.

Excel spreadsheet

Rendering in manual strips (tutorial + scripts)

A complete methodology and tools for rendering large-scale prints in manageable slices and then seamlessly assembling.

Apophysis tutorial + scripts

Pythagoras trees (tutorial)

An intermediate level Apophysis tutorial showing how to build a classic fractal structure then use it as a framework.

Apophysis tutorial

Rendering optimisation (tutorial)

A detailed explanation of parameters, good rendering practices and how to avoid the dreaded jaggies.

Apophysis tutorial

Using flam3 with Apophysis #1 (tutorial)

Although dealing only with the basics, this is an intermediate level introduction to the original external rendering engine.

Apophysis tutorial

Xaos: a new dimension (tutorial)

An attempt to provide elucidation on a subject that many find difficult.

Apophysis tutorial

Zoom and scale demystified (tutorial)

Avoiding confusion, a numerical relationship and establishing a standard practice.

Apophysis tutorial

Apophysis glossary (link)

A fully hyperlinked glossary of key terms.

Apophysis tips (link)

Direct link to all tips published on my blog.